SymetryML is a machine learning software invented for rapid model building with the ability to process massive amounts of data using real-time feeds.

Unique Machine Learning Capabilities

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Continuous Intelligence

SymetryML’s real time data mining and predictive analytics, now known industry-wide as Continuous Intelligence, enables business platforms to derive continuous business value from their massive, dynamic data sources. While the market term Continuous Intelligence helps companies understand how they will finally realize the original vision of ‘big data’, SymetryML has already built a solution to deliver these benefits today.

"By 2022, more than half of major new business systems will incorporate continuous intelligence that uses real-time context data to improve decisions." (Gartner)

SymetryML allows companies to combine data and analytics with transactional business processes and other real-time interactions, creating a way for systems to know what’s happening in real time – and do something about it. While simultaneously handling billions of records and thousands of attributes, data & analytics teams are able to make adjustments to models – add or delete attributes and modify data sets without requiring re-scanning of the entire data set – all in real time.

SymetryML at Work

Advanced machine learning platform and custom solutions to deliver real-world value for advertisers and marketers.

One of the most successful mobile advertising companies in the industry.

AdTheorent uses SymetryML to build custom machine learning models using historic and real-time data to find consumers with the highest likelihood of converting and predict future actions specific to each campaign.

A pioneer in the deployment and successful commercial application of machine learning technology in any industry, with early innovations resulting in the creation of what is now SymetryML.

*AI-Breakthrough Award,
Best AI-Based Advertising Solution
2018 & 2019

Created a proprietary Financial Modeling Environment (FME) that is streamlined to perform distributed simulations on Apache Spark employing clusters of high-powered AWS instances.

At the core of the FME lies SymetryML, which is set to the task of rapidly building models based on LDA, QDA, LSVM, MLR, and Bayesian approaches.

User defined inputs allow for quick analysis of a vast array of time frames, techniques and trading styles. Both big data and more traditional quantitative approaches can benefit from this tool. SymetryML’s on-the-fly model building allows for the fastest trading strategies to retrain without downtime.

*US Performance Awards
CTA Intelligence WInner
Best Newcomer 2018

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