Origin Story

Originally conceived 7 years ago at mobile advertising startup AdTheorent, SymetryML began as an R+D initiative to create a machine learning solution capable of processing billions of ad requests, views and clicks in order to create and update models on-the-fly that could continue to adapt and learn in real-time. Similar to high frequency trading in financial markets, but bidding on ads in real-time instead.

The resulting technological innovation proved an invaluable component of the company’s success, helping AdTheorent become a performance leader in AdTech and driving incremental top line revenue of more than $25 million each of the last two years.

In 2017, AdTheorent expanded SymetryML R&D and began considering new applications of its machine learning solution outside of advertising. One initiative was a two-year private beta with Blackwater Capital (hedge fund), developing a financial modeling environment that produced a 20% increase in their win rate. The success of the private beta led to the creation of a joint venture recently launched as a stand-alone business called VeridianML, which continues to license SymetryML today.

Building upon this momentum and based on the overall massive potential for SymetryML outside of AdTech, AdTheorent spun out the core technology into a stand-alone independent company in 2020, with the intent to expand into new industries in demand for real-time predictive analysis and forecasting.

Success With SymetryML

SymetryML’s unique capabilities allowed AdTheorent to reduce the time of creating custom models from an average of 45 minutes to only 30 seconds, while still leveraging massive amounts of data needed to successfully reach client CPA goals. SymetryML allows AdTheorent to combine billions of data attributes into precise and accurate adaptive models for the purpose of identifying optimal audiences. AdTheorent is now leveraging 100s of models, and updating them daily (this was not possible before SymetryML).

SymetryML & AdTheorent earn
"Best AI-Based Solution for Advertising"
AI Breakthrough Awards 3 years in a row
(IBM is only other 3x winner in this category)
Reduced time to create & update one model from

45 minutes to 30 seconds

Increased Revenue

52%From $25M to $38M

Founding Team

SymetryML's founding team has been together for several years. The product was built by Neil and team and they remain the core development team today.

  • Neil Couture


    More than 20 years of experience in R&D and applied mathematics in the software industry, across various fields.

  • Phil Kearney


    Over 25 years in digital media and technology. Served as SVP / GM of American Media and RadarOnline, CPO for Russell Simmons’ Global Grind, executive advisor to CNN, The Recording Academy, Inc./Fast Company and NBC Regional Sports Network leading modernization projects.

  • Dustin O'Dell


    10 years of BD & startup experience. Created go-to-market strategies & drove $20M+ in revenue for early-stage startup AdTheorent.

  • Jeff Austin

    EVP of Streaming ML Solutions

    Two dedaces in trading global futures and foreign exchange markets. Co-founder & Chief Investment Officer of Blackwater Capital Management, a quantitative futures trading firm that grew to $500M under management.

  • Michael Kravchyna

    Senior Software Engineer

    Decade of experience in data science, designing and deploying real-time decision engines. Built Macy’s product recommendation engine and the seat selection upsell process for American Airlines.

  • Vicki Barghout

    EVP Healthcare Solutions

    Led various pharmaceutical divisions in the health care industry, including Novartis US Oncology Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Pricing, Global Novartis GI Franchise HEOR, and Bayer HEOR. She has published over 40 manuscripts in top-tier journals and has presented over 100 abstracts at major international conferences. Her work has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

  • Murray Davis

    Software Engineer

    Previously, Murray worked for Coincard International an online poker game titled AceKicker, and a call center management system for Softcom Technologies.

  • Scott Russo


    Co-Founder, COO & CFO at AdTheorent, an industry leading mobile advertising company. Entrepreneur and selective investor with twenty years experience in early-stage tech startups.

  • Tulu Makonnen

    Senior Software Engineer

    Experienced in data analytics, economic research and data science including roles at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Boehringer INgelheim and Bentall Kennedy Private Equity Group.


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