SymetryML brings unprecedented speed, efficiency and privacy capabilities to healthcare data.

Receive immediate insights, accelerate forecasts & predictions from massive, streaming and decentralized data

  • Receive early signals and indicators quicker, eliminating strategic and tactical delays
  • Run thousands of models on wide and massive data sets, able to choose best sensitive (and validated) model
  • Rapid introduction of new data / variables (including overlays), and modify models ‘on the fly’

Gain a Distinct Competitive Advantage

  • Speed – 30 times faster than traditional machine learning to provide first mover market advantage
  • Cost Savings – Radically reduce costs in the computational and modeling (MLOps) process and helps companies eliminate the “batch tax” – the time & money wasted on production, training, maintenance and more
  • Productivity – Collapse time from insight to action, and free up hours for teams to work on more important items, not spending these hours in production
  • Streaming – First and only machine learning solution certified for the Confluent (Kafka) streaming data hub.
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Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

Until now, organizations have been handcuffed with data regulations and compliance, unable to unlock or collaborate without expensive aggregation efforts or third-party intermediaries. SymetryML provides the answer. See how it works

  • Raw data is never seen, shared or moved.
  • Share learnings across teams, organizations or industry associations without ever sharing or exposing data.
  • Collaborative learning is GPDR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliant.

SymetryML can be used at key pain points within the value chain, and asset commercialization pipeline.

  • Immediate impact

    Immediate impact with real world data to address unmet needs and solutions

  • Advanced predictions

    Advanced predictions and risk stratifications (trials and commercialization)

  • Improves performance

    Improves performance and differentiates with cost reduction & resource utilization

  • Marketing and commercialization

    Marketing and commercialization with rapid insights for infiltration, differentiation and expansion

Predict ROI for a given asset within a specific application, indication, or market by forecasting:
  • Clinical trial success
  • FDA approval success
  • Pricing & reimbursement
  • Quality control risk
  • Patent registration and lifetime
  • Product manufacturing integrity
  • Supply chain & warehousing
  • Market entry and adoption strategy
  • Pre / post-launch marketing & sales growth
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