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SymetryML is a sophisticated and proprietary real-time machine learning solution that produces immediate analysis, forecasts and predictions from static or streaming data of any size, enabling business processes and key stakeholders to benefit from real-time insights and intelligence.

Traditional machine learning uses historical data to uncover patterns and create predictive signals. When environments are stable and data is static, this works quite well.

However, today’s dynamic, hyper-connected world is anything but stable, and the most useful data is rarely static. The ever-increasing volume and velocity of data requires technology that can adapt in real-time and drive solutions that continuously deliver measurable value.

SymetryML brings a level of speed, privacy and efficiency that is unmatched by traditional machine learning solutions.

SymetryML introduces a unique & proven continuous machine learning platform that leverages proprietary online learning algorithms to usher in a new era of real-time capabilities. While suitable for any data, SymetryML uniquely handles streaming and massive (out-of-core) data very well, allowing models to not only predict, but learn in real-time.

This is accomplished through the use of a proprietary data structure (Proprietary Statistical Representation - PSR) that allows two notable features:

  • A reduction in the memory footprint required to process and learn even the largest of data sets, enabling the creation of models in real time.
  • The increment and decrement of data without the need to perform a complete re-scan, allowing near-instantaneous alteration of constructed models as data evolves or changes.

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The Platform - Build, Test & Deploy Real-Time Predictive Models

Through the UI or REST API, users can easily and rapidly build online machine learning models to explore ideas and put models into production faster and easier than ever before.

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Unmatched Privacy & Collaboration With Federated Learning

Bring privacy to the forefront with a distributed computing framework that preserves privacy and eliminates the need to aggregate data for model building & analytics.

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SymteryML At Work

Learn how SymetryML helped a hedge fund increase their win percentage by 20%

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