SymetryML Brings New Possibilities Across Industries & Key Business Processes

While SymetryML and the application of machine learning & AI is surely to impact almost every industry and solution in the coming years, the team is initially focused on a few strategic areas.

  • Research Efficacy / Impact Reports

    Identify differentiations of in-market drug performance through mega-data correlation projects that significantly reduce the time and costs associated with these projects - from months to weeks of work and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Market Research Forecasts

    Run analysis and real-time predictions related to Research efforts that enable in-market efforts to be deployed within 30-days compared to the current timeframe of 3-months.

  • Business Development and Licensing

    Build continuous learning revenue forecasts for clinical trials or market research that enable new data and variables to be introduced on the fly as new information is discovered or introduced.

  • Adverse Event Forecasting

    Predict adverse events and the cost of false negativity and positivity rates in real-time even in periods of high volatility (i.e., Covid-19).

  • Streaming Anomaly / Fraud Detection

    Processing data much faster (average 30x faster) in order to create and update models in true real-time, is of massive importance when detecting fraud or anomalous events. The quicker you see a problem, the faster you can fix it, or catch it before it becomes a bigger problem.

  • Impact Forecast Modeling

    High-speed loss calculation for hazard and vulnerability models to communicate with re/insurers for more appropriate rates and predicting mitigation costs.

  • Credit Risk Exposure Forecasting

    Transforming CECL (Calculated Expected Credit Loss) into real-time advanced risk monitoring by aggregating and analyzing data from internal, traditional external and non-traditional data sources (via encrypted, collaborative learning) to greatly enhance the predictability of credit risk decisions.

  • Demand Forecasting

    Producing short-term, real-time forecasts on demand for customer purchases to better inform supply chain operations and logistics management.

Case Studies

SymetryML for Financial Modeling & Simulations for Trading, Investing and Research
Hedge fund Blackwater Capital used SymetryML to supplement their traditional trading strategies.

SymetryML gave BC traders the power of sophisticated machine learning, in a point & click UI, where they could explore and analyze more data than ever before, allowing them to maintain their trading edge.

  • Problem:

    Traders, hedge funds and financial researchers like Blackwater Capital, are often still using antiquated and rigid rules-based systems. They don’t have the luxury of using sophisticated data science and machine learnings tools and don’t have teams of data scientists to call on to help solve problems. Blackwater needed an easy way to leverage sophisticated machine learning & AI to maintain their trading edge.

  • Solution:

    SymetryML provided Blackwater with a new way to supplement their current rules-based systems by providing enhanced research to establish better rules and gave them the unique ability to process massive amounts of data (very quickly) and then build tens of thousands of models (or more) within minutes, providing significantly more model exploration, which lead to identification of superior production models.

  • Results:

    With SymetryML, Blackwater Capital Management was able to increase its winning percentage on trades by 20%. By using SymetryML’s algorithms to analyze Blackwater’s rules based system, research was taken to a new level, due to the unlimited amount of data being processed in minutes. Being able to leverage exponentially more models during exploration on the same problem helped Blackwater understand the results better, in addition to giving more confidence than typical black box solutions.

    This success, along with such unique features earned Blackwater & SymetryML the 2018 Best Newcomer, provided CTA Intelligence.

  • Blackwater & SymetryML earned the
    "2018 Best Newcomer," provided CTA Intelligence
  • SymetryML helped Blackwater increase its winning percentages on trades by


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